Illustration WdKA

Department of Illustration
Willem de Kooning Academy
Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

The department of Illustration is one of the nine major studies of the bachelor  Design at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The other 8 major studies Design include:  Advertising, Animation, Audio visual Design,  Graphic Design, LIfestyle, Fashion, Product Design, and Interior Design.

With the department of Illustration student learn the become designers who are specialized in making and using images and visualisation within an applied context. In our current communication-society the use of images is increasing. There is a focus on three specific area’s in illustration: Narrative-Illustration, Informative Illustration, and Opinionated Illustration.

The curriculum is project-based. In periods of 8 – 10 weeks students research the international field of Illustration through theme-based projects. Within these projects students learn to develop illustration products for printmedia, webdesign, games, animation, infographics and installation designs. The use of digital media and crossmedia play an important role within the studies. Students are brought in contact with illustrators, but also research innovative opportunities for illustrators to come.

Students are taught to professionalize themselves both individual as well as teamplayers. Students develop the mentality that is required of todays Illustrators. This implies a critical and reflective mentality with the ability to research and develop a strong visual language. After graduation students start as freelance individuals or commit to start up design companies, or larger cooperations.

There are possibilities to acquire international educational experience by student exchange programs to related art academy which are located in; Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Berlin, Zurich, Kopenhagen or Tokoy. After acquiring a bachelor in Design with a major in Illustration there are opportunities to continue Master studies in Design at the Willem de Kooning Academy. There are also Illustration Master studies possible in Europe and in the United States of America.