How to: overcome yourself

Words I often hear from students during reflection-moment are distractions, procrastination, anxieties, and imposter syndrome. Studying on itself probably would not be half as difficult if it was not for […]

Final Feedback

This week I had an individual feedback moment in MSTeams with students. It was the final feedback moment before their deadline. Our tutor team has planned different feedback meetings trough […]

How do I know?

“How do I Know if my Students Are Learning (Online)?’ The question was asked by a colleague in the context of online learning due to the corona measurements. I think […]

Inclusive Classroom

Last year I encountered challenges in creating a safe environment for students. When people feel unsafe in a conversation there are two paths: silence or violence. Silence can be used […]


Call III is the third work in a series. Call was executed on July 23, 2016, and Call Again was executed on July 21, 2017.

Outreach program

In September 2018 I had the privileged to visit School of the Art Institude of Chicago (SAIC), and to explore how they have developed outreach-programs for the community of Chicago. I have tried to summarize some of the valuable things I’ve learned in this post. Many thanks for Paul Coffey and SAIC for their support.

How is the assessor taught to assess?

This week I have started my first meeting of the Senior-Qualification-Examination (SKE) course at our institute. The ‘SKE’ is a Dutch certification in assessments for higher professional education. This post is a reflection on why this course is important to me.

Questions that Drive Us

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a lecture by Joe Sacco at our institute. He was invited to talk about his career as political cartoonist for students of the department of Illustration.

KAOS masterclass

“the goal of education is not to let students ‘fit’ in the future, but to offer them a structure by which they can shape that future”. KAOS pilots Last week […]

Authentic Relationships

Yesterday I had the pleasure of giving an introduction for teachers of the Willem de Kooning Academy during the opening of the ‘Drive & Development Week’. The event was organized […]

Gap between Academy and Work

Last month I had the pleasure of contributing to an interview for Dude, Dutch Designers Magazine #1 2018, which is out now. The article was about the transition from art […]

No More Homework

Illustration by 2nd year exchange student: Alice Cousely Last Friday I made a visit to Gorssel where our 2nd year WdKA illustration students were spending some days to draw and […]

2018 Personal Change

“Sad Satan 2018” The sculpture above was a gift made by Han Hoogerbrugge. He gave it to me for my new job at the WdKA. The title is “Sad Satan’ […]

Zine-Camp invitation

Rejoice! My Hands are Dirty! I am excited to announce that this Sunday the 11th of November I will present my own freshly printed zines during Zine-camp at Worm in […]