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How to: Build organizational capacity

Today was my last day with “the Movement 2.0” (De Beweging 2.0). I was invited in the beginning of this year by Ernst Phaff to become part of a group of employees who have an ambition for improving the quality of education at Hogeschool Rotterdam. Perviously there was: The Beweging 1.0; I was part of  2.0. The Movement consisted out of: a series of classes, moments of inspiration and reflection about realizing organzational change hosted by Killian Bennebroek Gravenhorst .

At the end of the program we decided to collect the reflections of all participants and publish them in a small publication. This publication was designed and illustrated by Yara Kronieger.

Publication: DeBeweging2.0-HogeschoolRotterdam-2016

I also created an illustration depicting the possible influence of 3 types of change agents when trying to build organizational capacity for change. I think the answer to how to build organizational change lies in making new connections, and to know how to make the right combinations. I hope to be able to reflect next year in how this worked out for me.






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