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Illustration WdKA Studyday – step1


“WdKA – Illustration – Morale Patch”

Yesterday we had a STUDIEDAG-ILLUSTRATIE-2016. After a    significant proces of educational changes at the WdKA in the last 4 years, I sensed the urgency to get together with the teachers of the department of Illustration.  If the WdKA has changed its program; what does that imply for our core-values of Illustration within the WdKA?

We had presentations by Maarten Uwland & Loes Sikkes as a    reminder that  education can always be different. I believe that how we provide our education; what we teach, how we teach, and why; should be a conscious decision.

We talked together about our aspirations for the next 5 years, with Anneke Seelen as our moderator. During our talks Kim Ravers  illustrated our first concepts and ideas. Furthermore every teacher has deliverd his/her own image of how they want the department to be seen by others.

It has been an exciting start, and I will be looking forward at reflecting to this day at a later moment in the proces. For now the cast is die!


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