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Expo Review: “A Visual Celebration without Justification”

Review of the third year illustration WdKA exposition: “Untitled-JPG” PDF: UntitledExpo-Review-DFjJan2017 Introduction. Last Friday 20th of January 2017 the opening took place of the exposition: “Untitled-JPG” at the SLASH gallery in Rotterdam. The exposition of 3rd year illustration students from the Willem de Kooning Academy (WdKA) in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. More than 30 students presented […]

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Illustrative Teamwork

Today I worked together with students of the masterstudies: Organisation, Culture and Management of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. During the class we talked, wrote, drew and made inkt paintings about 4 different topics. I found it relevant to work with non-art academy students to show our department and explain about the profession of todays […]

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Client-based Education

Just a quick mental note for myself. Yesterday I participated in the annual Rotterdam ‘Educational Parade’ . A meeting for ‘educators’ to participate in workshops that are related to education. I participated in the workshop: The Ideal Teacher; which was part of the 2-year HR teacher training program for professionals who start teaching. Collaborative learning […]

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