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Zine-Camp invitation


Rejoice! My Hands are Dirty!

I am excited to announce that this Sunday the 11th of November I will present my own freshly printed zines during Zine-camp at Worm in Rotterdam. I am looking forward to show what more than ’10 years of academic studies’ can amount to.

The event is exclusive, because my zines have not been presented before and will never be presented again afterwards. There is only a limited amount of copies available. It’s Sunday or never.

My zines are a self-initiated project, which is something I vigorously advocate. Many thanks to the support of Kim Hospers and the facilities of the WdKA Publication Station.
The images include gazed-at and stereotype-depictions of anonymous, voluptuous and lascivious women. Possibly inappropriate and untimely for today’s conflicted world. “But elegant and seductive as well”; said the scorpion to the turtle. I hope that the ‘Avantgardistic State’ of Worm will offer sanctuary for my work.
Everybody is welcome,


D a n a i

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