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2018 Personal Change

“Sad Satan 2018”

The sculpture above was a gift made by Han Hoogerbrugge. He gave it to me for my new job at the WdKA. The title is “Sad Satan’ and it has two holes in his head; where his horns used to be.

Since January 2018 my position at the WdKA has changed from course director illustration into coordinator of the education station. It felt as a big step, but at the same time a great new challenge. If I have lost my horns; I have also gained the opportunity to grow something new.

I am still passionate about illustration, but my focus will shift towards higher art education. As coordinator of the education station (WdKA education centre) I will be working on topics such as; teacher training programs, projectbased- education, off- and online learning tools, inclusive pedagogy, and international classroom.

Looking forward to inform you on what this year will bring.


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