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How to: convince others in a meeting

I joined a meeting with people who did not know each other and we had a shared task to bring out a singular verdict. I observed and noted what was said by participants in order to reflect upon how we try to convince others.

  • refer to prior experience others didn’t have: I have been using it for years…
  • refer to superior knowledge or status: as an engineer I know…
  • refer to size and scale: we represent the biggest faculty …
  • alluding to others: In know people that ….
  • join others: I agree with…
  • question others: do you really believe that…?
  • exaggeration and amplification: to me, it was completely…
  • expressions of uncertainty and doubt: I don’t believe…

related sources

  • How to Win Friends¬† and Influence People, Dale Carneggie (1937)
  • Influence: the psychology of persuasion, Robert B. Cialdini (1984)
  • Crucial Conversations, Ron Mc Millan ( 2002)
  • Everybody is Saying, Joe Navarro (2008)
  • Never split the difference, Chris Voss (2016)
  • Persuasion Tactics, Patrick King (2016)




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