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Art & Design Education

Art & Design Education

My interest in art education ranges from topics such as: Education for democratic citizenship, lifelong learning, learning communities, and anticipatory design programs. I am inspired by the ideas of people such as: Paolo Freire, Gert Biesta, Mike Monteiro and Meredith Davis. Since January 2018 I am coordinator of the Education Station at the Willem de Kooning academy in Rotterdam.

The ‘Education Station’ is our learning center for art & design education. We focus on issues related to teaching and learning, and we seek out challenging, effective and original teaching and learning methods from sources both within and outside the academy. This is where the WdKA’s learning community is shaped, created, and kept up-to-date. The education station has 3 aspects:

1) we provide training

  • onboarding for new teachers
  • teacher training programs
  • student electives courses

2) we provide service

  • development of online learning tools
  • teacher support in regards to online learning tools

3) we seek collaboration and innovation

  • collaboration with external partners such as: RASL, and KCR




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