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I worked as an illustrator from 2000 till 2015.  I mainly focused on editorial illustrations for clients such as: Adformatie, Vereniging Eigen Huis, Metro-nieuws, Federatie Nederlandse Vakbeweging (FNV), and Management Team.

Since 2004 I began teaching illustration at the WdKA. I work together with a great team of professionals such as: Lars Deltrap, Sophie Hamers, Robert van Raffe, Cesare DavolioMathijs Stegink, Idris van Heffen, Han Hoogerbrugge, Gert Jan Pos, Jose Quintanar, Rachel Sender, Angelique Viester, and Femke Wieringa. From 2007 – 2018 I was course director of the department of illustration. In 2017 we made a publication about our educational program: BEHINDtheSCENE-ILLU-WDKA

During my years as course director of illustration I had the pleasure to work and learn from young professionals such as: Sebastian Agresti, Aniek Bartels, Bier&Brood, Bodiljane, Jacco Bunt, Roel van Eekelen, Clemens den Exter, Yara Kronieger, Studio Mals, Mingsinho, Puck Koper, Nazif Lolupolissa, Studio Spass, and Telmomiel.

Since 2022 I am no longer actively engaged within the department of illustration at the WdKA.





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