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Stop Individual Student Feedback

I was amazed yesterday at how well students can give feedback on each others work. We had a project-feedback moments and I asked the students to write down feedback on post-its. Each ‘feedback-round’ had a specific aim: indicate a quality raise relevant questions give sound advice give bland critique I considered it a very effective […]

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Designers-Behaviour-Grid 1.0

yesterday I presented this ‘Designers-Behaviour-Grid’ to 2nd year Illustration students. It was my intention to discuss with students what type of behavior we desire from design students in projects. I think most students know what type of behavior is expected, but sometimes they choose to act differently. I tried to explain that I believe it’s […]

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Applied Research in Higher Education

Today I went to a ‘lecture-day’ about Applied Research in Higher Professional Education (Folder praktijkgericht onderzoek in het HBO). The topic is considered relevant because since 2009 it has been put on the agenda of every higher education-institute in the Netherlands. This includes my own institute of Art&Design. I was interested because I find it […]

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WdKA Feedback Geven voor Docenten

PDF: Feedback-HO-WdKA-Fueng-versie2-2015   WdKA Feedback Geven Hand-Out over het geven van Feedback van docenten aan WdKA studenten.   Voor:   docenten WdKA Door:    D.Fuengshunut Datum: 29-03-2015   Samenvatting. Feedback is belangrijk in het projectmatig onderwijs van de Willem de Kooning Academie (WdKA) omdat het kan bijdragen aan het zelfsturend vermogen van de student. Het […]

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