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Will Instagram Render the Art Academy Obsolete?

I have some rough thoughts about this question. The question belongs to one of my illustration students. I think it’s a relevant question because many illustrators promote the use of Instagram. I hope to further elaborate on my thoughts later. Instagram is a social networking application.  It allows you to share photos or videos within […]

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Illustration Student Survey

Introduction. yesterday I’ve done a small illustration survey in class with 25 students. The goal was to get some insight in student interests, ambition and their view on the field of illustration. There were 6 multiple choice questions and 1 open question. Outcome. Based on the input we can make some assumptions. There was a […]

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Class review: Ethics for Illustrators

Illustration by Floor Steinz (c) 2016 I started my first class last week about ‘ethics’, in the context of Illustration. Eventhough the topic is broad and complex, I find it a very relevant topic. Ethics are strongly related with passion, and the things that drive us. Finding a personal ‘cause’ can be a powerful motivator […]

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Designers-Behaviour-Grid 1.0

yesterday I presented this ‘Designers-Behaviour-Grid’ to 2nd year Illustration students. It was my intention to discuss with students what type of behavior we desire from design students in projects. I think most students know what type of behavior is expected, but sometimes they choose to act differently. I tried to explain that I believe it’s […]

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Shop-Around Worries About Illustration Students

SHOPAROUNDWORRIES-DFjan2015 Shop-Around Worries About Illustration Students How should De Kooning illustration students be prepared for the market?   Keywords: illustration styles, market research, 3D-computer skills, Google Sketchup, WdKA Stations Estimated reading time: 15-20 minutes, Article used for educational purpose only.   Introduction. The objective of this article is to evaluate 3 aspects in the education […]

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